Parents' Evenings

Guidance to Parents' Evenings
All Year groups will have one Parents' Evening each academic year. These evenings are an opportunity for you, as parents, to meet and speak with your child’s subject teachers. Some year groups will have other evenings in addition to a Parents' Evening like a Tutor Evening, an Guided Choices Evening, or an Information Evening. These evenings are different in structure having a specific focus, and are not an opportunity to speak directly to subject teachers.

What to expect before Parents' Evening
You will receive a letter through your child notifying you about an imminent Parents' Evening. This should tell you the details of the evening and ask you to make appointments with subject teachers through your child. These appointments are only five minutes apart, as teachers may have more than one group to see in an evening, so it may be sensible to leave a gap between each appointment to allow movement time in between. It is then the responsibility of the student to make the appointments on your behalf.

Preparing for the meeting
At these meetings, subject teachers should inform you of how your child has performed up to this point in the year, how they expect them to progress over the rest of the year and what they could do to improve. As the meetings are very short in duration, many parents find it useful to prepare a little in advance by reviewing the Assessment and Feedback sheets for students in Years 7 to 9 or the latest Grade card for students in Years 10 and 11. Further information about assessment in all year groups can be seen by viewing the document attached at the bottom of this page. 

On the Evening
There will be Prefects to meet you as you enter and show you where the subject teachers are. There is usually further information sheets given out and questionnaires to fill in as you enter, so it may be useful to arrive a few minutes early to account for this. Bringing a pen and paper is always useful to record important points, things your child has done well, ways for your child to improve, useful websites to aid study or any other variety of information you may receive on the night. This is your opportunity to ask any questions that you, may have so do come prepared. However, please keep in mind that each appointment is only five minutes and taking longer than this leads to delays and waits for other parents which can be frustrating. If you know there is a more lengthy issue that you need to discuss, or an issue develops on the evening, then please make a follow up appointment with your child’s Progress Manager or Tutor



The quality of teaching is good overall and there is some that is outstanding including in mathematics, English, science, geography, physical education, textiles and citizenship. (Ofsted 2015)