Computing at Key Stage 3

Students will learn the fundamentals of coputational thinking; problem solving, planning and evaluating and lastly, coding. Students will experience block coding through the use of Scratch and Lego Mindstorm robots. Both are fantastic tools to generate algorithmic skills and encourage students to think about the building blocks of coding. Students will further develop their ability to code with the use of Python and the BBC Microbits, creating games and other interactive programs.

Computing at Key Stage 4

Year 10 students have the option to select GCSE Computing with the OCR exam board. Whilst this course is very challenging and relies heavily on mathematical skills the outcomes are rewarding and pushes students to develop their computing skills such as coding, testing and evaluating. The course is split into two papers; Computing Systems and Computational Thinking. Computer Systems deals heavily with the hardware and workings of a computer whilst the Computational Thinking paper looks at algorithms, coding practices and programming language. Each paper is 40% of the overall GCSE grade and a further 20% is assessed through a programming project. At Icknield we use Python as a high-level programming language.  

Course Maps

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The quality of teaching is good overall and there is some that is outstanding including in mathematics, English, science, geography, physical education, textiles and citizenship. (Ofsted 2015)