Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition is a popular subject at Icknield Community College. In Food the department aims to encourage students to enjoy working with fresh, local ingredients, to develop confidence independently producing food products and encourage to adapt and personalise recipes. Students will study the importance of nutrients in their body.

Learning outcomes

  • At Key Stage 3 students learn the practical skills to enable them to prepare many dishes.They learn basic nutrition, the function of ingredients and accumulate a variety of essential food skills.
  • At Key Stage 4 student work involves the properties of food, food-manufacturing processes, and skills in cooking food. Students study nutrition, the make-up of food, manufacturing on different scales and the environmental issues surrounding food and its production. A combination of coursework and an examination lead to a GCSE qualification in Food Technology.

Teaching methods

Teaching involves practical work completed by students, tasks from booklets and the use of computer programmes. The Technology Faculty laptop trolley is used for nutritional profiling and websites are reseached to assist learning and to support GCSE coursework.

Additional activities

  • Revision sessions and coursework support for Year 11 students.
  • Food clubs for all years to expand repertoire and encourage confidence in independent tasks.

Course Maps

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Students are happy, well-mannered and courteous. (Ofsted 2015)