The Faculty aims to ensure that each student becomes confident in the key concepts, skills and processes that will enable them to be competent in the application of mathematics. We want our students to enjoy learning, make progress and achieve success, in a safe and supportive environment.

Learning outcomes

  • At Key Stage 3 students work towards understanding mathematical processes and applications, in number and algebra, geometry, measures and statictics with a key focus on problem solving.
  • At Key Stage 4 there is an increasing emphasis on functionality and more complex problems, so that students can use problem solving strategies appropriately and successfully in context beyond the classroom. All students work towards a GCSE mathematics qualification.

Teaching methods

Teaching staff within the department use modelling, questioning, explanation, guided learning, group work, and active engagement techniques, including the use of ICT to enhance learning.  There is also the extensive use of examination questions and past papers to enable students to become familiar with the vocabulary and layout of examinations. We have interactive whiteboards in all classrooms, we use a significant amount of web-based resources to enhance lessons.

Additional activities

In addition to the core lessons, revision classes targeting specific GCSE grades are run on a weekly basis for all Key Stage 4. More able pupils are entered for the Junior and Intermediate Maths Challenge set by Leeds University.

Course Maps

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Leaders have ensured that students make consistent and strong progress over time as a result of effective teaching. (Ofsted 2015).