Religious Education

What we teach

The department aims to educate pupils for the world in which they live.

At Key Stage 3 students learn independent thinking skills and the ability to explain their own opinions on moral and religious issues. They develop an understanding that  different people have different attitudes and tolerance is key to a harmonious society.  Students get to experience different religions such as Islam and Sikhism.

At Key Stage 4 students follow a philosophical and ethical course that looks at moral issues in teh modern world.  These topics are relevant to students lives and include debates about capital punishment, abortion and euthanasia.  There is no formal exam for these students.  Some KS4 students will be entered for the RE full course exam in which they will sit 2 examination papers based on Christianity and Islam.  This exam is sat at the end of Year 10.

How we teach

Lessons involve group discussions and presentations, the use of religious artefacts, textbooks and newspapers. We also make visits to local religious sites (e.g. church, mosque, gurdwara). ICT is used for research and the showing of work in the form of Powerpoint presentations.

Course Maps

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Students respect each other and their teachers, and take great pride in their school community. (Ofsted 2015)