The faculty aims to encourage students to enjoy and enthuse about science, and to promote scientific method, knowledge and understanding in preparing the next generation of scientists for the future world.

Learning outcomes

  • At Key Stage 3 the faculty employs a themed approach to the National Curriculum - topics include "Armageddon", "shipwreck", "zooquest" and "pirates".
  • At Key stage 4 the Science department follows the AQA examination board.
    Current Year 11
    Most students will complete the Core and Additional Science courses and consequently achieve 2 GCSE qualifications over the two years. However, some students have opt for the Triple award and will achieve GCSE's in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
    New GCSE (first examination summer 2017).
    We offer both the AQA Combined Science (Trilogy) course, equivilent to two GCSE's and the seperate Science course which contists of a GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. 
    All GCSE Science courses include examinations, practical work and coursework

Teaching methods

The faculty aims to teach creatively using a range of styles, methods and resources in order to reach all pupils. The faculty makes extensive use of laptops, data logging equipment, webcams and interactive whiteboards.

Additional activities

Key Stage 4 revision classes run once a week to help students with reviewing key concepts.

Course Maps

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The headteacher provides outstanding leadership. (Ofsted 2015)