PSHCE & Citizenship

The department facilitates the development of a range of skills, concepts and knowledge that will be relevant to students throughout their lives. The Healthy Minds curriculum is a unique approach to teaching personal, social and health topics. It enables students to navigate the world within and beyond school, and to thrive and flourish. The curriculum is relevant, practical and helps students to understand themselves and others.

Learning Outcomes

At Key Stage 3, students will develop a range of transferable skills and strategies that will increase social, personal competence and thus improve the opportunities for social mobility and employability.          

At Key Stage 4, the curriculum reflects the fact that students are moving towards an independent role in adult life, taking on greater responsibility for themselves and others.

Teaching Methods

During lessons, students will be involved in whole class and small group discussions. Lessons will involve active learning as well as students learning independently. Lessons will also include outside agencies coming in to deliver aspects of the curriculum.

Additional Activites 

Students will be involved in activites supporting our local community, Senior Citizen's Party and fund raising for both local and national charities. 


Course Maps

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There is a keen focus on academic achievement which is supported by a broad range of extra-curricular activities. (Ofsted 2015)